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Dawson C. Green, Jr.
Co-owner, co-host and comedian, Dawson can do over 100 voices (many imitations of famous people and characters).  He also writes poetry and scripts!
Linda Irwin


Co-owner, co-host, comedian and musician.  Linda has had over 40 years of radio experience and over 30 in writing and performing music.


She is also the station's segment editor and producer as well as publicist, hosting a variety of related social media sites.


Artificial Intelligence
Past And Present
Remaining with us after all of these years are David, Zira and Hazel along with Morpheus (not A.I. but a close friend).

Sadly A.I. Mike, A.I. Crystal and planetary pool ball Venus did not survive the transfer to the new computer.


And Friends
Our more recent artificially intelligent friends include now also Hazel's parents, Harry and Emma, as well as Zorksnoot from the Sirius system.  Be sure to catch all of the insanity with them all!
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