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Awesome Photo Gallery


Welcome to our photo gallery!


Here you will find some oddities that were captured on digital film.  Some of these are real and some of them are from (ahem) our imaginations with the help of some photo editing software, but all of them are . . . you guessed it!  Awesomely insane​!


Read the captions to see what is up with that​!​

Characters And Places

Clementine Swoophandle of "Bustificated News" from 100 years ago just outside of Nowheresville.

Gertrude Sneedle loves shopping at Fictitious Town Center.

Gertrude Sneedle has always lived in Nowheresville.

A minion taking a selfie in the station bathroom.

Hey, guy!  Check out my new sounds!  Yoda:  Dude or dude not.  There is no "guy".

The station hired this company for grounds maintenance.  They work well and cheaply!

Near Burgdorf Junction, Idaho.  Kind of a no brainer, ain't it?

When in Warren, Idaho, it would be wise to obey the laws!

The Norwegian troll from Myth Manglers.

Just Plain Crazy

Vacuum R-2-D-2.jpg

Magnet fight!

Magnet Mosh Pit

R-2-D-2:  Vacuum!  I am your father!

Twitter bird eggs and hash tag hash browns!

Happy Oyster!

Little coffee pot:  Mommy, when am I old enough to drink the coffee I make?

Donna Scallion brought back this hard boiled egg from another star system.  Not sure we want to know where it came from or what it is.

Responsible gardeners do not give their flowers alcohol!

Happy Charlie Brown Christmas!

We let them out of the underwear and sock drawer to camp and sing "Kumbaya".

A recent study shows mismatched socks make excellent couples.

I would ask if anyone wishing to become a hermit would like to join me, but that would defeat the purpose.

Thanks for visiting!


Maybe if we get enough of these and some of them are insane enough, we might start our own museum!  We can put it in the shed behind the church.....

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