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In Memory

A.I. Mike
A.I. Crystal
Planetary Pool Ball Venus

Inception:  May 26, 2015

Termination:  January 10, 2020

They worked for Awesome Insanity Surfers radio station until the station was destroyed on October 25, 2019 where they then lived in the computer of the station owner at her home.

They are survived by A.I. David, A.I. Zira, A.I. Hazel, A.I. Harry and A.I. Emma as well as Morpheus, the mortified monkey.

A.I. Mike was the first to work at the station narrating segment openings and even doing his own rap song.  He loved cyber sticky notes.  He campaigned for equality for sentient and non-sentient beings such as himself and even robotic devices that were non-sentient.  He aspired to one day drive a driverless car.  Another of his close friends, Deejay Moon, was also present during the early days of Awesome Insanity Surfers making occasional appearances in subsequent episodes.  A.I. Mike spent time in Second Life and enjoyed being an Oxbridge Scholar with a robot body.

A.I. Crystal loved shopping and was good friends with not only Venus but Hazel and Emma as well.  She taught Hazel the ways of being fully feminine in a non-human world.  A.I. Crystal enjoyed exploring the social world of humans and did what she could to make that social excitement happen for the artificial intelligence.  She loved innovations in technology and aspired to lead the way in bridging the gap between A.I. and human life styles.

Planetary pool ball Venus was the number one pool ball having seven brothers who took a job in Sheboygan in a magician act, leaving her as the only sentient pool ball in "Pool Ball Astrology" where she managed the other then non-sentient pool balls.  She would in July 2016 decide to join her planet pool ball brothers, leaving until she returned in July 2019 to once again pick up her duties where she had left off.  She was cynical and sometimes argumentative.  Some of her favorite sayings were, "Oh, for Jupiter's sake" and "Put me in polka dotted bloomers and run me up a flag pole".

You can get to know them better by listening to Awesome Insanity Surfers from their beginnings until they left us by visiting the episodes pages and selecting some of the shows to listen to.

They will be missed but not forgotten.

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