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Come in through the front door to our quaint little sanctuary.

Father Emoji Avatar is always available to answer any questions you may have and to pass the hat at the appropriate time.

Open 24 Hours A Day


​​The Church of Linda Vudu was founded way back in 2015 and follows the premise that techno geeks rule.  Long gone are the days when our primitive ancestors practiced their VUDU craft by sticking pins into ports and cables to make devices behave in the way they wished.  We now have an app for that.

Coffee and tea are served in the reception hall.  We apologize, but we only have the small cups as the large ones are on back order.

If you are enjoying our site and what we have to offer, you may donate any amount from $1.00 and up to help us with site costs.  If you wish, your name will be added to the Awesome Insanity Surfers contributors page which will be created upon receipt of your kind donations.

Much more spacious on the inside than it looks from the outside, no?​

We love candles and candles are love.  Or at least these candles are love.  Feel free to light one any time you visit, but please snuff them out before you leave as our insurance does not cover us if the pews or altar become covered in melted wax.

All of the mysteries of the universe are contained here on the altar.  It is a mystery how we  obtained them and just what the heck they are.

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